Welcome to Calorx Public School

Calorx Public School is a chain of quality K-12 English Medium Schools, Professionally managed autonomous education institution under the Kalorex banner. Today Calorx  Public School (CPS) is a name synonymous with education par excellence and is preferred choice across all segments of the society.

At Calorx Public Schools, we not only nurture the Education needs of children but also inculcate in them the best of Glocal Practice – combining the elements of Global attributes including 21st century skills, Life skills, people-Communication skills, Local values and Traditions. The Global and the Local attributes together from a holistic development platform enabling the shaping of a child into a Glocal Learner.

Our Promise

We can’t always promise you a sunny weather but we promise to
hold an umbrella over your head, if it rains.

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Mission Statement

The mission of Calorx Public School – in partnership with families, the community, and businesses – is to provide all our students with…

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CPS Philosophy

The CPS educational philosophy and pedagogical approach is represented by the acronym WORLD: ..

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CPS Methodology

Identifying the children based on their maximizing learning abilities as
academic achievers, critical thinkers, and effective communicators…

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Our Schools