CPS Philosophy

We believe that knowledge, synergistic knowledge, is power.  In today’s collaborative culture, knowledge sharing is encouraged so that collective expertise can be put into context to benefit the society as a whole. With this principle in mind, we conducted a brainstorming session where eminent dignitaries from education sector as well as other businesses were invited to share ideas, experiences, and insights which helped us evolve the CPS philosophy.

Needless to say, the session was productive and helped us determine the fundamental philosophy of Calorx Public School.

CPS Taxonomy

At Calorx Public Schools, the 4 Theories of Learning – Constructivism, Behaviorism, Cognitivism and Connectivism form the basis of Instructional delivery.

The theories are beautifully woven into the curricula with different approaches like- Conventional, Interdisciplinary, Active and Blended Learning.

Within the framework of WORLD

W– Workshops and Trainings for  Parents, Students & Teachers

O– Overall Development – Balance between Academic Performing & Non Performing Arts

R– Role of Mentor -Reaching to each child

L– Life Skills – Inculcating human Values & innovation Skills

D– Doing vs. Rote Learning – Individual Learning Style

and 2i, 2t, [2i– innovation and inquiry, 2t– teachers and technology] the student develops People Skills and Goal setting Skills and adapts to the 21st Century world.